Sekonic L-478DR Litemaster Pro Phottix


  • Radio Triggering With Phottix Strato II
  • Incident Metering for Ambient & Flash
  • Reflected 5 degree spot metering with optional viewfinder attachment
  • Cine Setting: Frame Rate & Shutter Angle
  • 2.7″ Color Touchscreen LCD
  • Flash Analyzing Function
  • Filtration Compensation Mode
  • Illuminance/Luminance Measurements
  • Contrast Function & Memory Mode
  • Custom Exposure Profiles & Calibration

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Sekonic Litemaster l478DR Phottix
Sekonic L-478DR Litemaster Pro Phottix £424.00

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The Sekonic L-478DR Litemaster Pro Phottix is equipped with a large and intuitive 2.7-inch color LCD touch screen and built-in radio triggering for the 2.4GHz Phottix Strato II. The LiteMaster Pro L-478DR light meter from Sekonic is suitable for incident measurements for ambient temperatures and simple flashlight.

The L-478 light meter has two different video modes. Cine and HD Cine. These settings provide access to frame rate selection of 1-1000fps and shutter angle settings of 1-358 degrees as well as ISO 850 for Canon Cinema cameras. The main function of this system allows full control of the flash power in steps of 0.1. Parallel, the 4-channel system has a separate choice between 4 groups with measured values for the determination of proportions.

The provided Data Transfer Software will enable you to set exposure for your camera using the optional 5-degree viewfinder. The viewfinder shows the dynamic limit range and ensures accurate exposure. The Filtration Compensation mode makes it possible to take into account the filter factor, which can use up to 12 EV for landscape shooters who make use of high-density ND filters. Other features include a contrast mode for the comparison of brightness, and a memory mode for 9 readings.

Notable for the L-478 light meter series is the large color touch screen, which allows for quick control over the settings for both ambient and flash metering. The meter is very well able to operate within a range of -2 to 22.9 EV at ISO 100. The Sekonic L-478DR is equipped with a flash analysis function that simultaneously uses environment and flash to let you use your favorite mix.

Features of the Sekonic L-478DR Litemaster Pro Phottix

  • Typ: Digital
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Meter Range: Setting -2 up to 22.9EV/Flash F/1.0 up to F/128.9
  • ISO range: 3 up to 409,600
  • Frame rate: 1-1000fps
  • Shutter Angle: 1-358 degrees
  • EV range: -27.9 – 55.8 EV
  • Memory mode: 9 Options
  • Groups: 4
  • Connections: 1x PC sync and 1x mini USB
  • Screen: 2.7 inch LCD touch screen
  • Power: 2x AAA batteries
  • Dimensions: 57x140x26mm
  • Weight: 140g

In the Box

  • Sekonic L-478DR Litemaster Pro Phottix
  • Anti-glare film
  • Carrying Strap
  • Pouch
  • User Manual & Data transfer software CD-ROM

Additional information


Family: L-478
Sensor: SPD
Measuring System:
Exposure Meter
Incident light: Swivel head, retractable lumisphere
Reflected light: Removable, with Optional 5 deg. VF
Measuring Range and Modes:

Measuring Modes (Ambient Light): T priority, F priority, TF priority, HD_CINE (T priority), CINE (f/s priority), Lux/FC, Cd/m2/FL
Measuring Modes (Flash light): Cordless, Cord-in (PC), Radio triggering (Built-in, Phottix), Multiple cumulative flash
Measuring Range at ISO100 (Ambient Incident Light):
EV-2 to EV22.9
0.63 lx to 2,000,000 lx
0.1 fc to 180,000 fc
Measuring Range ISO100 (Ambient Reflected Light):
EV3 to EV22.9
1.0 cd/m2 to 980,000 cd/m2
0.29 fl to 290,000 fl
Measuring Range (Flash Incident Light): F1.0 to F161.2(=128.9)
Measuring Range (Flash Reflected Light): F2.8 to F161.2(=128.9)
ISO Range: ISO 3 to ISO 409,600 + ISO 850
Aperture Range (Ambient Light):
F0.5 to F161.2(=128.9) in 1, 1/2, 1/3 step
(Analog Scale: F1.0 to F90 in 1/3 step)
Aperture Range (Flash Light):
F0.5 to F161.2(=128.9) in 1, 1/2, 1/3 step
(Analog Scale: F1.0 to F90 in 1/3 step)
Shutter Speeds Range (Ambient Light):
30m to 1/64,000s in 1, 1/2, 1/3 step
(Analog scale: 4s to 1/2,000s in 1/3 step)
Shutter Speeds Range (Flash Light): 30m to 1/1,000s in 1, 1/2, 1/3 step
Frame Rate Range (Ambient Light): 1 f/s to 1,000 f/s plus other 20 settings (customized from 0.001 f/s to 9,999.999 f/s)
Shutter Angles Range (Ambient Light): 1 deg. to 358 deg. plus other 20 settings (customized from 0.001 deg. to 360 deg.)
EV Range (Ambient Light): EV-27.9 to EV55.8
Memory: Yes (9 times)
Average: Yes
Contrast/Comparison Function: Yes (+/-9.9EV in 1/10 step)
Radio System: Transmitter built-in – Phottix Strato II protocol (2.4GHz)
Flash vs Ambient Analyzing: Yes (in 10% step)
Filter Compensation: Yes (-12EV to 12EV, preset 30 type)
Exposure Compensation: Yes (-9.9EV to +9.9EV)
Calibration Compensation: Yes (-1.0EV to +1.0EV)
Custom Settings: Yes (13 custom settings)

Operating Temperature: -10 deg. C to 50 deg. C
Storage Temperature: -20 deg. C to 60 deg. C
Power Source: 1.5V x 2 (AAA battery)
LCD: 2.7" color dot matrix touch panel LCD
LCD Backlight: Yes
Product Weight (lb): 0.31
Product Weight (kg): 0.14
Product Height (in): 1.02
Product Length (in): 5.51
Product Width (in): 2.24
Product Height (cm): 2.6
Product Length (cm): 14
Product Width (cm): 5.7


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