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TRD electronics will take the responsibility for any items that do not comply with the above mentioned conditions. We will make sure that the items are repaired or refunded to you after warranty claim. For this purpose the customer has to:

  • Send a written complaint to our website within 24 hours of delivery if you notice any sort of physical defect to your product after a physical inspection
  • In case where the defect is discovered lately, the customer is obligated to notify the company within a reasonable time period
  • The customer`s complaint mush specify all the details regarding the nature of defect
  • The complaint should also include customer`s name and order details
  • The customer should allow TRD electronics to review their complaints for warranty claim


All the electronic appliances here in TRD electronics are to follow the product conditions except:

  • The items which we TRD do not offer warranty for. Such items must be referred to the manufacturer. As TRD does not own any responsibility for such claims


The Non-negotiable

The warranty plan does not cover:

  • Damages incurred due to improper installation techniques or any misuse of technical components
  • Damages caused due to natural disasters or environmental causes during the delivery process
  • Damages caused due to external factors like voltage fluctuations or power shortage
  • Items with evident damage caused by customers
  • Items with broken seals or false serial numbers
  • Malfunctioning of items due to incompatibility with customer`s personal software



  • TRD electronics is responsible for replacing the defective parts with the new ones in case of a warranty claim
  • TRD electronics will not be declared responsible in case of any loss of personal data during the repair procedure. However, if the data is lost, we will try our best to restore it
  • If the customer fails to follow our terms and condition, the company has the right to refrain from any sort of warranty services.
  • We plan to change our warranty plan frequently in order to meet customer satisfaction.
  • Please read carefully our entire warranty plan before filling out the online registration form.

Our company promises the best for our customers. We work hard to fulfill our customer`s demands however the customer should also realize that some defects are not fixable and the company has nothing to do in such situations.


In order to access our warranty services, you can email us at our website. You can also contact our customer service agents for further details about the warranty process. Make sure you are well-informed before filing a warranty claim